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SigmaNEST Laser Cutting technology management functions include automatic pulsing, power ramping, feed rate control, focal height, assist gas and pressure adjustment. Furthermore, pre-piercing, pierce “on-the-fly” and pierce reduction, as well as options for fine, fast and normal piercing are available. Combining the machine with excellent CAD/CAM technology gets the best throughput from the machine making your shop more productive and reducing the ROI time to break-even.

SigmaNEST Punch efficiently programs turret presses from the same platform. SigmaNEST is focused on making sheet metal nesting software a key enhancement for both punch and punch combination machines and coordinating functionality between nesting and tooling to improve production time. SigmaNEST features, single part punch nesting to “Auto Dynamic Punch Nesting and Tooling” along with inventory and order management. For combination machines, SigmaNEST combines the best and most appropriate modules to enhance both the punch and laser or plasma processes. This allows the turret press maximum throughput with minimum tool changes.

SigmaBEND allows for fast production set-up and machine efficiency which has become increasingly critical in the sheet metal industry to minimize unproductive machine time and minimizes iterative test pieces. Offline programming has been a common practice for punching, laser and other profile cutting machines in the sheet metal industry for over 10 years. SigmaBEND offers an offline programming system for the best in class press brake machines complete with full 3D simulation of the bending process, eliminating the need to run test parts.

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