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Press Brakes

Value-oriented press brakes with large strokes, daylights, and gaps to allow cost-effective production of simple to complex large shapes that require large dimensions for handling and removal. A simple-to-use control reduces the required operator level.

Unlimited possibilities and features provide faster and quicker setups. A wide assortment of material handling accessories and back gauge configurations allow the press brake to cost-effectively produce the most demanding parts. more information or Contact us

Tube Laser

The well-known CO2 laser provides high speed cutting of thicker plates in steel stainless steel and aluminum. Up to 7kW power enables the most accurate production of parts and supreme hole quality combined with maximum throughput allowing the manufacturer to compete on the world stage competitively pricing parts at the highest quality. more information or Contact us

Fiber Laser

 Fiber lasers offer great cost saving and faster cutting on thin sheets (<10mm, 3/8”). With dynamic motion axes driven servo drives provides the maximum cutting speeds in the industry. Long life, low maintenance and high wall plug efficiency allows for the lowest cost parts production available. more information or Contact us

Turret Press

Turret punching machines incorporate a fully integrated Fanuc motion control system using the Siemens 840D CNC control. The high speed and servo controlled hydraulics are supplied by either Bosch-Rexroth or Hartmann Lammle. Wilson Wheel applications are supported as well as tapping tools. Automation can be easily integrated for efficient and lean operations. There are up to 6 indexable Multi Tool stations, Automatic Tool Lubrication, Brush Table and Work Chute. Contact us

Voortman Angle Line

Voortman has designed developed and manufactured machinery for the steel fabrication and plate processing related industries for more than 40 years. They are a globally recognized supplier with thousands of Voortman systems installed world-wide and continually develop their equipment range to keep at the forefront of technology and in step with any new developments in the market. Voortman has designed different angle processing machines covering the complete industry. The wide product range in combination with the various material handling options, ensures that Voortman is able to offer a tailor-made configuration for production of various products like connection plates, base plates, stiffeners, clip angles, truss components, wind braces and electricity towers. more information or Contact us

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